The W Vapes Story: Passion and Compassion in Cannabis Concentrate

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W Vapes Story: W Vapes launched as a company in the summer of 2015 and their supercritical Co2 extracted cannabis oil vapes have been winning trophies and developing an extremely loyal fanbase of patients and customers ever since. The winning streak they’ve been on started when they were less than a month old and took home the Dab Cup in San Jose at Hempcon and they’re still going strong. Less than 2 months ago they had multiple wins presented to them onstage by wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam at The Best of Edibles List Awards in Los Angeles. So why do they keep winning so many awards and what makes them so extra special? well – let me tell you all about it.


The story of W Vapes really begins in 2013 with a somewhat smaller vaporizer pen company called R.E.L.M: Refining-Extraction-Laboratory-Manufacturing, and the two incredibly special people who created it. Once upon a time; Jeff Nagel was a popular DJ performing and producing events throughout Europe and North America, and Amber Lee Abbott was an Elite Model, singer, songwriter and photographer traveling the globe. Serendipity brought them together in 2007, the same year the Pre-Interim Control Ordinance was enacted in LA, when a mutual friend recruited them both to California to run The Northridge Healing Center. Both were Southerners from the Carolinas, Jeff is from North Carolina and Amber from South, and upon arrival in LA they found themselves sharing a one bedroom apartment as they adjusted to the new landscape of Los Angeles. In less than a couple of months they realized they had fallen in love and they’ve been crazy about each other ever since. After, they became a couple, it wasn’t long before they had adopted a dachshund named Wheezie who is now nine and a half years old. After they left The Northridge Healing Center they went on to run the 105/405 Collective in North Hills and from there moved on to become the co-owners of Grateful Meds from 2009 to 2010 – a very popular dispensary that used to be at Melrose and La Brea where Wheezie worked with them everyday and where Jeff was the operating manager. After selling their shop they were able to invest in and focus on growing flower while they refined their skills and built their knowledge of everything you need to be a master of growing high quality cannabis on a diverse scale. It was only after they had mastered both the art and the science of growing that they decided to do that same thing when it came to making oil, and so that was where they began channeling their energies and attention and it was only then that they created R.E.L.M. and the seeds that would eventually bloom into what we now know as W Vapes had been planted.


R.E.L.M. quickly developed a reputation in the industry that was good enough to attract the people who were managing Tommy Chong. Tommy, Jeff and Amber met over a dinner of raw vegetarian food and all three felt that they had enough of a similar vision in their hearts that they could definitely collaborate on a project together. Chong had a nice grow on his rooftop where he was cultivating Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough strain. The flowers were processed into Tommy’s Oil and in 2014 the “Tommy Pen” was created and weighed in at 53% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and 15% CBD (Cannabidiol) making it about a 3.5 to 1 ratio and very good medicine. Jeff and Amber continued to impress other high profile patients like Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson, until they managed to attract the attentions of some very wise investors. Once they had finished deciding exactly what the new plan would be they were ready to launch a whole new company implementing the lesson they learned from having R.E.L.M. and choosing what and how they wanted to evolve when it came to their new business. The new company was, and still is W Vapes…


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