Raids Are Likely as Feds Target Legal Cannabis

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As cannabis legalization pushes forward in California the looming threat of federal raids on cannabis businesses are more and more likely. Even though Californians voted to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act last November, cannabis use and sales is still illegal on a federal level. Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has expressed his thoughts that federal drug agents could attempt to step up marijuana enforcement in California as marijuana legalization moves forward.


Sheriff McDonnell knows that along with the legalization of recreational cannabis, additional challenges will present themselves for his deputies. The sheriff deputies of Southern California patrol nearly 4,000 square miles. Deputies are anticipating that there will be a rise in fatal traffic collisions caused by overdoses by brownies, gummies and other edibles that deliver uneven doses of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that creates the euphoric high. (We feel that it is highly unlikely that there will be “overdoses” due to the strength of edibles.)


Nevertheless, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions said during a press conference last month that federal officials would try to adopt “reasonable policies” for enforcement of federal anti-cannabis laws.


Sheriff McDonnell is adamant that there will likely be federal raids targeting the cannabis industry in California. By studying crime rates in Colorado and Washington after cannabis was legalized, the Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies have been coordinating preparations for the legalization of recreational marijuana in California.


“We’ve seen an increase of the number of kids, in particular, admitted to emergency room for ingestion of edibles that in a young kid could be fatal. Somebody cuts a corner of a brownie, do they get the full ingestion of THC that was supposed to go into that whole plate of brownies or do they get nothing? There’s no control. There’s no quality control.”

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