What To Know When Buying a Cannabis Vape Pen

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Cannabis vape pens have been gaining popularity in the medical marijuana industry for a few years now. Just recently cannabis vape pens have become a more popular, less harmful option for ingesting cannabis. This is because vaping negates the risk of inhaling potentially carcinogenic fumes from plant material that is lit on fire. Vape pens come in a variety of styles and price points depending on how long you plan on using your vape pen.


There was a point when vape pens were just being introduced onto the market and all the oils tasted similar and none of the vape pens actually tasted like your favorite strain. This is because the oil that went into the vape pens were comprised of ingredients other than the beneficial cannabis compounds. The cutting agents most commonly used are: polyehtylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and coconut oil or MCT oil. Make sure you do research on the products you are thinking of purchasing, and avoid cutting agents.


Another practice that was used in the early production of vape pens was terpene additives. Terpene additives is when a concentrate that was produced is then infused with a terpene after the extraction process. This process doesn’t incorporate the fact that cannabis contains more compounds than THC and CBD, and there are hundreds of unique compounds that don’t get captured by an older/cheaper extraction process. Look for full spectrum cannabis-derived terpenes when shopping for vape pens.


Oil and concentrates  are made by using solvents, usually hydrocarbons like butane or propane, the final product is then measured in parts per million(ppm). The legalized markets have established regulations that have a mandatory minimum ppm level. Some vape pen companies are transparent about their testing and the results of those tests, these are the companies you want to purchase products from. Avoid hydrocarbons at all cost, or make sure that the products are lab-tested for residual solvents. CO2 oil contains the maximum amount of valuable cannabinoids and flavonoids, staying with concentrates made with clean CO2 is your best bet.


Do the research to find the right type of vape pen for your needs, a disposable works great if you want to be discreet and don’t want to invest in rechargeable batteries. Purchasing vape pen cartridges is the best way to get your variety, most cartridges and rechargeable batteries utilize the 510 thread which is most common. Make sure your vape pen does not contain cutting agents, has cannabis-derived terpenes, and make sure the oil your vaping is lab-tested for residual solvents.

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