Answers to Common California Marijuana Patient Questions

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Answers to Common California Marijuana Patient Questions

Will I be able to smoke anywhere I want? Can we buy pot from a delivery service now? Does Proposition 64 change my status as a medical marijuana patient? What about possession on a federal highway? These are just some of the questions that California residents have after the new initiatives were voted into place.

Recreational marijuana will not be available for purchase until Jan. 1, 2018, so even if you are purchasing from a delivery service you will still be required to have a state issued medical marijuana recommendation. Taxes will not come into play until the start date of marijuana sales (Jan. 1, 2018) so if you are a medical marijuana patient you will still be able to purchase marijuana and you are currently able to purchase marijuana tax-free because of a glitch in the wording of Prop 64.

All benefits of being a medical marijuana patient are still in place, Prop 64 does not affect the privileges that are allowed under medicinal marijuana. You are still allowed to cultivate what your recommendation is written for and you will still be able to carry the same amount of meds that your recommendation was written for as well. So in that aspect, if you enjoy the privileges of being a medical marijuana patient then it is important to remain one and renew your recommendation when needed. Having ease of access will also be a plus of being a medical marijuana patient because some cities and town will only allow medical access in their communities, reported by The Cannabist.

If you are 21 years old or over the age of 21, you don’t need a license to grow up to six plants per home. You can start today and keep what you harvest. Please also make sure that you comply with the guidelines and make sure your grow site isn’t visible to the public and whatever you harvest is locked away inside your home.


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